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Thriving Beyond Cancer

One of the questions I get frequently asked “why have I decided to focus on thriving beyond cancer?”

After I was diagnosed with cancer, after treatment, and life returning to some form on normalcy, I began looking for the true meaning of normalcy. What would true normalcy look like for me? My journey robbed me of virtually everything I once knew, of everything I thought I was and everything I owned.

However, I slowly began to rebuild a new life to a certain extent. I had to start from rock bottom, shedding some of my old perceptions about who I was, I had to give up my old dreams in order to leave room for new dreams.

Slowly my life began to take a new form, in my thoughts, words and deeds.

Employment, I had to start from bottom up taking severe pay cuts, just in order to get back into the work place. I took up a lot of voluntary work.


Spiritually, I regained my faith to a place that I had never experienced before.

Emotionally, I began to get stronger and less fragile, accepting and embracing my survivorship. As the years rolled by, I realized that my foundation was getting stronger and stronger. I was doing better in all aspects of my life,

At some point, I realized that I had begun to thrive and was no longer just surviving cancer.

Has this been the case for you? Please feel free to let me know your experience.



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