Alero’s Thriving Blog – Psychology of cancer survivors

Alero's Thrivng Blog - Psychology of cancer survivors

Psychology of cancer survivors

During my cancer journey I had several overwhelming uncontrollable worries and fears.

The fear of dying and not seeing my only child and son turn 21. The fear of losing my memory during my chemotherapy sessions and developing chemo brain.

The fear of not being financially independent and having to depend on the generosity of the welfare state, family and friends.

Each fear was so real to me. Of all the fears and worries, only one really happened and that was being financially dependent on the welfare state and others for their generosity.

In my book ‘My Cancer Has Many Faces’ I detail how difficult that financial journey was for me. It took me to the depths of despair, to dark places I would rather not remember. However, I picked myself up and began to repair the financial damage that had been created whilst I was not in a position to earn a living.

How many times have we heard the saying ‘money is not everything? Whilst, this may sound true, how come the most important aspects of our lives and human survival namely health, food and shelter are all governed by money?

So who came up with the brilliant saying money is not everything when a cancer diagnosis has made sufferers and their families bankrupt or financially lacking in order to pay for treatment or just stay home to recover?

Can you tell my our greatest fear and how you have been able to overcome?



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